Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Wind

Da Vinci. Woman with Tousled Hair. WikiArt.

March wind - 
following the waves of my hair 

Inspired by Paulo Coelho's "Way of the Bow".  Here is the passage providing our inspiration:

[…] When the archer draws the bow-string, he can see the whole world in his bow. 
When he follows the flight of the arrow, that world grows closer to him, caresses him and gives him a perfect sense of duty fulfilled. 
Each arrow flies differently. You can shoot a thousand arrows and each one will follow a different trajectory: that is the way of the bow. […]


  1. Wonder whom Leonardo was making a study here ... he was obvious more interested in her face ... maybe Mona Lisa do you think ... lovely haiku - I like how it pops out at me here on blogger, very effective!

    1. Blogger does make it *pop* doesn't it? Such a lovely face -- almost like a Madonna. :)


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